Bucket list item #1 – Get arrested! ✔️

Jillian Montgomery loves her job as a police officer. She just bought her first house – a fixer-upper, and she scored a date with a very interesting and incredibly attractive man.

Her life is on a roll—or so she thought. Then everything comes crashing down…

Jackson Starr is an influential music manager who makes singers’ dreams come true. When an over-eager cop arrests his grandmother, he takes action without knowing the whole story. Even after getting Jillian fired, the determined woman agrees to help his grandmother complete her bucket list. Something about the cop living on his property tugs at his heart, and he can’t help but want to make her dreams come true, too.

Can Jackson help Jillian make her dream come true, knowing he could lose the only woman he’s ever loved? Does he love her enough to let her go? Or will love find a way to make all their dreams come true?